Agri Technology/ Agri machineries and post harvest

  • Innovative Seed Drill

    Innovative Seed Drill

    By : Gopal Dave
    It is a seed drill system aimed to carry out multi seed drilling either simultaneously or separately. (locally called BHELIA) having a unique seed metering mechanism. The seed drill can be used for sowing single crop as well as mixed crops. The device s... more

  • Tractor Driven Onion Transplanter

    Tractor Driven Onion Transplanter

    By : Sarjerao Pandharinath
    Onion transplanter is used to transplant onion, to apply fertilizer and to form irrigation channel. It can be used to sow seed of cereal and pulses. Onion transplanter is a tractor drawn semi- automatic unit and can perform three functions at a time viz.... more

  • Cotton Stripper

    Cotton Stripper

    By : Mansukhbhai Patel
    Cotton stripper is used to remove lint from the cotton shell mechanically, faster and in efficient manner for ginning. The machine consist of feeding units, electric motors, cylinders brush rollers, wire mesh rollers, suction unit and cleaning units.... more

  • Bullet Santi

    Bullet Santi

    By : Mansukhbhai Jagani
    Bullet Santi a retrofitted farm implement used for agriculture operation like ploughing, sowing, inter culturing, spraying. It is assembled vehicle having minimum 6.5 HP engine that meets various needs such as ploughing, weeding and sowing seeds and spra... more

  • Low Cost Paddy Thresher

    Low Cost Paddy Thresher

    By : Fazlul Haque
    Thresher is a low cost motorized machine used for threshing paddy without breaking the straw and capable of threshing moist crop as well. The straw, chaff, grains are separated and thrown separately, thus reducing labor and drudgery. Using this machine t... more

  • Multi Crop Thresher

    Multi Crop Thresher

    By : Madan Lal Kumawat
    This thresher is used to separate grain of multiple crops (cereals, pulses etc) from stalks and husks. It contains an initial cutter that cuts the straws into pieces thereby reducing the power consumption required for threshing. Threshed grains are cleane... more

  • Chandraprabha: Rain Gun

    Chandraprabha: Rain Gun

    By : Annasaheb Udgavi
    Rain gun is used to irrigate long and dense crops in short duration even compost such as biogas slurry. It is a sprinkler with moving discharge, the deflector and the nozzle assembly each separately driven by gear connections to the transmission that cove... more

  • Sugarcane Bud Chipper

    Sugarcane Bud Chipper

    By : Roshanlal Vishwakarma
    The machine is used for removing buds from the sugarcane sticks that in turn are used for sugarcane plantation in horticulture. The device includes a hemispheric knife actuated by a hand operated lever. By pressing the handle, the unit removes the bud fro... more

  • Groundnut Digger

    Groundnut Digger

    By : Yusuf Khan
    It is tractor mounted machine used to harvest the groundnut beneath the soil. This machine digs out the groundnut and separates it from the soil through the vibrating sieve. It consists of elaborate system of crankshafts, flywheel, connecting linkages an... more

  • Trench digger

    Trench digger

    By : Yusuf Khan
    Trench digger is tractor mounted machine that is used to make trench with sharp edges uniformly and rapidly. The machine has a long arm having a rotatory chain over it and sharp edged blades mounted over the chain. These blades cut the soil and throw it o... more

  • Pole-Pro


    By : Mustaq Ahmad Dar
    It is a small portable device that is used to climb poles/trees. The innovation uses body weight to lock the climbing steps and is very light, low cost and easy to maintain.... more

  • Kamaal Clamp Super - Herbal Kit for Agriculture

    Kamaal Clamp Super -  Herbal Kit for Agriculture

    By : Ishwarsingh Kundu
    While doing business of chemical pesticides, Shri. Ishwar S. Kundu of Haryana observed that more reliance on chemical fertilisers and their imbalanced use has affected soil health. The micronutrient deficiency in soil has increased.... more

  • Black Pepper Plucking Tool

    Black Pepper Plucking Tool

    By : Pratheesh C
    It is plucking tool used to cut pepper bunch in a triangular cup attached below the blades. The nipper consists of a two feet long PVC pipe attached to a triangular cup with teeth on the upper side of the cup. The stalk of the pepper is cut by the teeth o... more

  • Mobile Groundnut Thresher cum Collector

    Mobile Groundnut Thresher cum Collector

    By : Mohanbhai Savjibhai Patel
    The machine is a tractor mounted, PTO powered, mobile thresher, used to thresh groundnut and collect the waste as well. The machine has a separate chamber for collection of groundnut pods and stalk for ease of collection. The crop is harvested and dried i... more

  • Modified Knapsack Sprayer

    Modified Knapsack Sprayer

    By : Mohan Muktaji Lamb
    This spraying apparatus consist of a knapsack tank with dual boom, pressure reservoir and sprayer nozzle used for spraying fungicides or insecticides. The sprayer is a low cost, labor efficient and low maintenance.... more

  • Rural Egg Incubator

    Rural Egg Incubator

    By : Milan Jyoti Das
    The incubator is made up of plywood in the exterior and plain sheet in the interior. Its wall is about 10 cm thick and thermocole is used to make it insulated. The whole device is divided into two chambers, upper and lower. The upper chamber houses the ma... more

  • Walnut Cracker

    Walnut Cracker

    By : Mushtaq Ahmad Dar
    The device is used for cracking/processing dry walnuts of various sizes, shapes and hardness and crack them open without damaging the fruit inside. The machine has smart set of drives, the use of two grooved rollers, which can be set to handle the various... more

  • Poultry Racking Machine

    Poultry Racking Machine

    By : Sureshbhai Narotambhai
    This machine is used for raking (turning of layers of poultry waste accumulated on floor) in poultry farms. The machine has an electric traction motor and a raking tool with an effective width of 0.75 m. Two people can rake 15,000 square feet per hour usi... more

  • Multi Tree Climber

    Multi Tree Climber

    By : D N Venkat
    Multi Tree Climber Equipment is used for climbing coconut, palmyra, teak, and rubber, silver oak & similar trees. There are three variants Coconut Tree Climber, Multi Tree Climber and Tree Walker. Upper frame is operated by hand and lower frame is opera... more

  • Compost Aerator

    Compost Aerator

    By : Gurmail Singh Dhonsi
    This tractor driven machine is used to cut and thoroughly mix the bio-wastes to produce compost manure. The machine is easy to operate and cost effective and the compost prepared is found to be better than vermicompost.... more

  • Tree Climber

    Tree Climber

    By : M J Joseph alias Late Appachan
    The device is used to climb arecanut or coconut tree. This device can reduce drudgery and climb faster using lesser energy. It can be used for gathering nuts or spraying pesticides. It can also be used to climb electric poles with some modifications ... more

  • Bicycle Sprayer

    Bicycle Sprayer

    By : Mansukhbhai Ambabhai Jagani
    This portable spraying system is an assembly of a modified sprocket-pump assembly, tank and an adjustable sprayer boom mounted on any bicycle used to spray pesticides and fungicides. A drum containing the solution is firmly attached to the frame of the bi... more

  • Bicycle Weeder

    Bicycle Weeder

    By : Gopal Malhari Bhise
    A multi-purpose farm implement fashioned out of bicycle component used to cultivate medium hard soil upto a depth of 2 cm. It is very easy to operate and is ideally suited to the needs of marginal farmers who cannot afford to maintain bullocks.... more

  • Reaper Windrower with Reel

    Reaper Windrower with Reel

    By : Bhagwan Singh Dangi
    This machine is used to cut the crop and windrows (a row of cut hay/small grain crop) it in the centre. Reaping involves cutting the crops systematically while windrowing is laying the cut stalks in windrows for easy bundling and post harvesting processes... more

  • Tender Coconut Breaker and Instant Cooler

    Tender Coconut Breaker and Instant Cooler

    By : Vinod Mahadeviah
    This machine is used to break tender coconut, draw out its water, and cools it instantaneously. The machine has a cutter customized for cracking the coconut. The coconut water passes the cooler through the collecting tray and passing through ice covered p... more

  • Turmeric Harvester

    Turmeric Harvester

    By : P Ramaraju
    The harvester is actually an attachment mounted at the rear of power tiller used for separating turmeric rhizome from soil without damage. The cost of harvesting per acre almost comes to half if the present machine is used for harvesting and laborers are... more

  • Cycle Operated Water Pump

    Cycle Operated Water Pump

    By : Vikram Rathore
    This pump is used for pumping water from rivers, ponds, wells and similar water sources thus enabling poor farmers for pumping water for irrigation and cultivation. It is portable, non-polluting, environment friendly, requires no energy and less maintenan... more

  • Groundnut Digger

    Groundnut Digger

    By : Sanjay Kumar D. Tilwa
    The tractor mounted, PTO powered groundnut digger consists of a telescopic propeller shaft, gearbox for suiting the machine to be fitted with standard 540 or 1000 rpm PTO, heavy duty endless chain conveyor made of MS flat of 1165 x 40 x 8 mm -... more

Ecofriendly Green/Energy conservation

  • Natural Water Cooler

    Natural Water Cooler

    By : Arvindbhai Patel
    Machine is used for supplying cool drinking water in hot summer, particularly in areas where electricity is absent or erratic. It is a low cost, energy efficient, environment friendly water cooler in which water is passed through copper coils covered wit... more

  • Solar Mosquito Destroyer

    Solar Mosquito Destroyer

    By : Mathews K. Mathew
    Equipment is used for killing the mosquitos by trapping them inside. It makes use of the typical odour to attract the mosquitoes. Once Mosquitos get trapped inside transparent housing, and heat generated inside by direct sunlight kills them. It is an ec... more

  • Mitticool Refrigerator

    Mitticool Refrigerator

    By : Mansukhbhai Prajapati
    Equipment does not need any external source of energy for the cooling effect and works on the principle same as that of clay pots, or matkas. The natural cooling process inside the refrigerator can keep vegetables and fruits fresh for around six to sev... more

  • Bio-Mass Gasifier System

    Bio-Mass Gasifier System

    By : Rai Singh Dahiya
    Equipment generates producer gas from bio-waste and uses it to run an engine. Fuel wood or briquettes from agricultural residues can be fed to this gasifier as bio-waste. The fuel consumption of gasifier is reported to be 1 kg/kVA, which is claimed to be... more

  • Low Cost Wind Mill

    Low Cost Wind Mill

    By : Mehtar Hussain and Mustaq Ahemad
    Use of wind turbine is one of the oldest methods of harnessing energy from wind to pump water. However majority of the wind mill available in the market are Aerodynamic wind mills. These types of wind mill require high cut-in speed... more

  • Modified Hydro Electricity Turbine- TURBO

    Modified Hydro Electricity Turbine- TURBO

    By : G.K Ratnakar
    Device is a turbine which uses pressure of water (falling from at least 100 ft) to generate electricity. The turbo consists of alternator and can produce 3.5-unit of electricity per hour and can generate 60 watt of power.... more

  • Portable Energy Efficient Wood Stove

    Portable Energy Efficient Wood Stove

    By : V Jayprakashan
    Equipment is a double chambered efficient portable stove, used for domestic as well as community cooking. It can use coconut shell or wood as a fuel and its combustion efficiency is 40 %.... more

  • Eco friendly cow dung pot for nursery by Gopalbhai Surtia, Gujarat

    Eco friendly cow dung pot for nursery by Gopalbhai Surtia, Gujarat

    By : Gopalbhai Surtia
    In nurseries, conventionally plastic bags are used to grow the plant saplings. There are many disadvantages associated with the plastic bags like not being bio-degradable, having nil porosity, and hence not being eco friendly. Moreover, after germination,... more

Consumer durables

  • Multi Purpose Cooking Vessel

    Multi Purpose Cooking Vessel

    By : Abdul Razak
    Device is used for cooking rice and sambar simultaneously. It is a stainless steel cylindrical cooking vessel with two compartments and a lid fitted with two pressure valves. It is a low cost and time saving equipment. The rice cooked in it with drained... more

  • Floating Soap

    Floating  Soap

    By : C. A. Vincent
    It is a soap which floats on water. Innovator observed that people while taking bath loose grip of their soap, which often sinks in water. So he developed this unique process of manufacturing soap by which floating soap is prepared.... more

  • Non-stick Earthenware

    Non-stick Earthenware

    By : Mansukhbhai Prajapati
    Non-stick clay Tawa (griddle) is used for cooking the food and chapattis and preserves the natural taste of the food cooked and consumes less oil compared to normal griddles. It is a cheaper and healthier alternative to metallic non-stick cookware.... more

  • MARUTI Jhula - An Innovative Health Care Chair

    MARUTI Jhula - An Innovative Health Care Chair

    By : Sakrabhai Prajapati
    Equipment is an exercising cum health care chair with multiple capabilities, functions and settings for various postures and seating dynamics. Maruti Jhula offers combined benefit of full body relaxation with light lower body, serves the purpose of seatin... more

  • Pressure Cooker Coffee Maker

    Pressure Cooker Coffee Maker

    By : Mohammad Rozadeen
    Device is used for making espresso/cappuccino coffee out of pressure cooker. Attachment, a long delivery pipe having a regulator, is attached into punched hole on the lid of pressure cooker. High Pressure steam generated by boiling water inside the cooker... more

  • Clay Cooker

    Clay Cooker

    By : Mansukhbhai Prajapati
    Clay cooker is a pressure cooking utensil made of clay. It is ethnic kitchenware and retains natural taste of food cooked in it. While cooking pressure inside it remain slightly higher than atmospheric pressure, so it is absolutely safe to use.... more

  • Sugarcane Juice Extractor

    Sugarcane Juice Extractor

    By : Bachubhai Thesia
    Machine is used for extracting sugarcane juice manually, specially designed for households. It is easy to wash, clean and provide pure & healthy sugarcane juice in the comfort of home.... more

  • Innovative Pulleys: Ganga and Saraswati

    Innovative Pulleys: Ganga and Saraswati

    By : Amrut Bhai Agrawat
    Device is used for preventing the bucket tied with rope, to fall while drawing water from deep well. Two different models of pulley are available called the Ganga, the Saraswati and Yamuna pulley. Presence of a liver on the pulley prevents the downward... more

  • Walking Stick for Blinds

    Walking Stick for Blinds

    By : Wazeer H
    Device is a walking stick with sensor system and audio alarm alert facility to assist visually challenged persons and also reduces the chances of accidents. They are provided with chargeable batteries which provide power to inbuilt voice recorded system... more

Plant varieties

  • Wonder cardamom High yielding variety of cardamom

    Wonder cardamom High yielding variety of cardamom

    By : Sabu Varghese
    Wonder cardamom variety- is drought-resistant and can also be grown in rubber plantation area at lower altitude. Innovator developed the variety using seeds collected from a morphologically different plant followed by vegetative multiplication. The speci... more

  • Ajitgarh Selection New Cauliflower Variety

    Ajitgarh Selection New Cauliflower Variety

    By : Shri Jagdish Prasad Pareek
    The high yielding variety gives up to 12 kg cauliflower and can with stand hot temperature variations. He has grown it without any chemical fertilizer and pesticides. ... more

  • Chilly Variety

    Chilly Variety

    By : Balwan Singh Urf Balu
    A selective variety of chilly based on criteria of fruit length, fruit diameter, dark red color, more fruits per branch and pungency etc. It performs well in saline condition and is tolerant to heat and humidity as well. It fetches high market price due t... more

  • Onion variety

    Onion variety

    By : Balwan Singh Urf Balu
    A selective variety of onion based on the criteria of large bulb size, well shaped of bulb, tightly attached skin, dark red color. It can be stored for around one year and the germination capacity of its seeds is claimed to be 98 per cent.... more

  • Black pepper -Pepper Thekken-high yielding variety

    Black pepper -Pepper Thekken-high yielding variety

    By : T.T.Thomas
    A high yield variety of pepper, gives a yield of more than 1000 pepper balls in one pepper bunch. The specialty of this variety is that its spikes are fully branched while other pepper varieties are single spiked without branches.... more

  • Cardamom -Elarajan- High Yielding Variety

    Cardamom -Elarajan- High Yielding Variety

    By : K. J. Benny
    The most significant feature of this Vazhukka type variety is its characteristic uniform extra bold capsules of 8-9 mm (80-90 % bearing efficiency) with higher yield, which fetches high market price as compared to other popular varieties... more

  • Dhiraj 101 - Innovative Groundnut plant variety

    Dhiraj 101 - Innovative Groundnut plant variety

    By : Dhiraj Lal Thummar
    Groundnut variety developed by selection method which can protect the crop occurrence of stem rot disease (wilt) is very common in groundnut crop. The Oil Seed Research Station, Junagarh tested this variety. The result reveals that only 0.47 per cent stem... more

  • Richa 2000 - An improved variety of Pigeon pea

    Richa 2000 - An improved variety of Pigeon pea

    By : Rajkumar Rathore
    A high yielding perennial pigeon pea variety with a bushy growth habit. The plant remained green for a longer duration and had bigger flowers and longer leaves. The yield of this variety is about 24 quintals per acre with two pickings per year.... more

  • Kudrat 9, 5, 17 - Improved wheat varieties

    Kudrat 9, 5, 17 - Improved wheat varieties

    By : Prakash Singh Raghuvansi
    The wheat varieties characterized by higher number of ear bearing tillers, lengthy spikes, and more number of seeds per spike, hardy stem and high protein content.... more

  • Sushil Laxmi- An improved variety of Chickpea

    Sushil Laxmi- An improved variety of Chickpea

    By : Balasaheb Appasaheb Patil
    An improved variety of Chickpea, it bears two pods per axil and 60% of pods bear two seeds, as compared to single pod per axil, which is a common feature of most varieties that are available in the market. The variety has been reported to be tolerant to w... more

  • HMT Paddy Variety

    HMT Paddy Variety

    By : Dadaji Ramaji Khobragade
    HMT Paddy Variety developed by Khobragade through selected & bred the most popular variety developed by Dr. J. P. Patel, JNKV Agriculture University, Jabalpur. it has an average yield of 40 45 quintals per hectare with short grains, high rice recovery... more



    By : Sundaram Verma
    An Improved bold seeded chickpea variety (kabuli type,) which gives good yield in drought conditions. The potential yield of the variety is 28 quintals per hectare, which is higher than that of other commercially cultivated varieties. It fetches good mark... more

Herbal Technologies

  • HerboHeal


    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    Various constituent herbs of HerboHeal have been reported & found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic, fly repellent, matricidal & maggocidal, which offer early wound healing.... more

  • Cure & Care

    Cure & Care

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    Various constituent herbs of Cure & Care have been reported and found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic, fly repellent, matricidal & maggocidal actions, which offer regeneration of skin tissues by curing damaged part.... more

  • HerbaGlow


    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    Herbaglow nourishment cream combines the active ingredients to diminish discoloration and make the skin healthy and blemish-free. It comprises mild natural antiseptic that keeps the skin soft and smooth, preventing those blemishes that might develop as... more

  • MosqHit


    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    Mosqhit mosquito repellent cream is a unique aroma based natural formulation with essential oil. This cream provides complete protection from mosquito bites and is safe to apply on the tender skin. The repellent has a lovely lingering perfume. Our mosqui... more

  • Pain Relief

    Pain Relief

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    The natural pain reliever is a revolutionary approach based on the herbal extracts from plants. The pain reliever works by the feeding body with the nutrient that needs to fight the causes of pain. It is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reli... more

  • Zematic


    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    The Zematic ointment lowers the sensitivity of the skin towards allergens and locally treats the affected skin. The formulation is effective and ideally suited for all type of skin affected with eczema & psoriasis. There are no side effects as only the n... more

  • SRISTI Shakti

    SRISTI Shakti

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    SRISTI Shakti contains natural plant growth enhancers and it is useful for promoting the healthy growth of crop plants. The product could be applied on all the crops at its various stages of growth. It is recommended to apply the product as foliar spray @... more

  • Herbal Appetizer

    Herbal Appetizer

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    We offer a wide range of herbal appetizers, which are made of 100% pure, natural and organic herbs. The herbal appetizer for veterinary applications are highly safe and time tested. These products can be simply mixed with the fodder to avail of their comp... more

  • Diarrhea Control

    Diarrhea Control

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    Diarrhea is characterized by frequent liquid bowel movements. Acute diarrhea is a common cause of death in cattle and other pet animals. The loss of fluids in diarrhea causes severe dehydration, which is considered as the main reason behind death. We have... more

  • Cough & Cold Cure

    Cough & Cold Cure

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    Chest infections or other viral/bacterial attacks lead to the death of cattle or pet animals. Proper medicines are required to cure these diseases, which show symptoms like cough and cold. We have developed a wide range of 100% natural and organic composi... more

  • Arthritis Cure

    Arthritis Cure

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    Arthritis involves a group of conditions that damage to the joints of the animal body. There are various forms of arthritis, and each kind has different causes. Whatever be the case, arthritis can cause death of the cattle or pet animal. Looking into the... more

  • Intestinal Worms Control

    Intestinal Worms Control

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    Intestinal worms are very common in cattle and pet animals. These worms mostly include Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris trichiura, hookworm, etc. All these worms develop worm burden, which sometimes causes fatalities. We offer a variety of herbal compositi... more

  • Milk Enhancer in Animals

    Milk Enhancer in Animals

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    We offer a complete line of herbal products, which are particularly milk enhancer compositions. These milk enhancer compositions do not affect the balanced nutrition of the milk. They are 100% natural, organic and purely herbal enhancers. They simply enha... more

  • SRISTI Prayas

    SRISTI Prayas

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    SRISTI Prayas is an ecofriendly product which effectively protects immature shedding of flowers and thus increases the crop yield. It is recommended to apply the product as foliar spray @ 5 ml/L of water. The product has been evaluated through in-house, f... more

  • SRISTI Shastra

    SRISTI Shastra

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    SRISTI Shastra is 100% herbal formulation useful for controlling crop pest such as Aphids, White Fly and Heliothis. It is recommended to apply the product as foliar spray @ 5 ml/L of water. The product has been evaluated through in-house, farmer field and... more

  • SRISTI Prahar

    SRISTI Prahar

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    SRISTI Prahar is used to control the Mealy bug infestation in crops and plant species. It contains appropriate blend of herbal extracts in the form of liquid formulation. It is recommended to apply the product as foliar spray @ 5 ml/L of water. The produc... more

  • SRISTI Rakshak

    SRISTI Rakshak

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    SRISTI Rakshak is useful to control various deleterious pests of cotton crop such as Caterpillar, Heliothis etc It is recommended to apply the product as foliar spray @ 5 ml/L of water. The product has been evaluated through in-house, farmer field and SAU... more



    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    SRISTI K&C effectively controls fungal & bacterial plant pathogens causing root rot, wilt, damping off etc. It is recommended to apply the product as foliar spray @ 5 ml/L of water. Second application should be done after 5 to 7 days for better results. T... more

  • SRISTI Sarvatra

    SRISTI Sarvatra

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    SRISTI Sarvatra is specially designed for controlling Nematodes and other pest of Vegetable crops. The product also potential to promote the growth and yield. It is recommended to apply the product as foliar spray @ 5 ml/L of water. The product has been e... more

  • SRISTI Krushak

    SRISTI Krushak

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    ... more

  • SRISTI Suraksha

    SRISTI Suraksha

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    SRISTI Suraksha unique herbal formulation developed for controlling the termite attack in plants and crop fields. The product is applied with irrigation water and near the lower stalk/stem, if the plant is already infected. It is recommended to apply the ... more

  • SRISTI Sudarshan

    SRISTI Sudarshan

    By : Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Laboratory
    SRISTI Sudarshan is highly effective against early, mid and late pest of cotton and other crops mainly chewing pest and borers. It is recommended to apply the product as foliar spray @ 5 ml/L of water. Second application should be done after 5 to 7 days f... more

Bamboo Processing Machinery

  • Bamboo Splint Making Machine.

    Bamboo Splint Making Machine.

    By : Paresh Panchal
    Bamboo sticks are the major raw materials used in the Agarbatti industry. For making incense stick, electricity operated high capacity machines are available, which are suitable for industries but not for rural poor who make strips and sticks using knife.... more

  • Bamboo Splint Making Machine ralte

    Bamboo Splint Making Machine ralte

    By : L. Ralte & L. Sailo
    Bamboo splint making has been done manually for years using knives, which is a verytedious, time consuming and risky method. The innovators have developed a manual machine, which can slice bamboo strips and also make splints from the strips.... more

  • Bamboo Splint Making Machine Usman

    Bamboo Splint Making Machine Usman

    By : Usman Shekhani
    Innovator has developed a specialized device for preparing incense sticks and toothpicks. It is set of two small devices, the strip cutter which cuts small and thin strips of bamboo and then thin strips are rolled under the stick cutter, which consists of... more

Handlooms and textile related machinaries / device

  • Design Making by Weft Insertion

    Design Making by Weft Insertion

    By : Deepak Bharali
    Various machines are used for insertion of weft threads to make a variety of designs. This machine reduces the time required for making designs to one third of what is required in the traditional way and reduces the wastage of thread in the connection bet... more

  • Laxmi ASU Machine

    Laxmi ASU Machine

    By : C Mallesham
    Machine is used for weaving Pochampalli silk sari, an exquisite tradition of double ikat style of weaving with variety of colors and intricate designs. It reduces a very tedious and cumbersome hand winding process of yarn. Traditional process involves to... more

  • Stencil Cutting Device for Hand Embroidery Design

    Stencil Cutting Device for Hand Embroidery Design

    By : Shaikh Mohammad Nazim
    A device is a pen having a reciprocating needle to simplify manual punching of design on butter paper. Using the up and down motion of the needle, stencil for imprinting the desired design on the cloth can be easily made on the butter paper. This may re... more

Agro based food processing machinery

  • MPP - Multi Purpose Processing Machine

    MPP - Multi Purpose Processing Machine

    By : Dharamveer Khamboj
    Extraction of juice/pulp and essential oils from various edible and non edible fruits, herbs, etc. is an essential requirement for the Food and Pharma Industry. In the market, food processing machines are available for specific operations (like pulverizin... more

  • Parboiled Paddy and Oil Seed Turner

    Parboiled Paddy and Oil Seed Turner

    By : R. Ravi
    The innovator has developed a spreader for spreading parboiled paddy fast and uniformly. The same machine can also be used for spreading other entities (like oil seeds, millets, coriander, etc) which needs to be spread for sun drying. It is a tricycle hav... more

  • Garlic Peeling Machine

    Garlic Peeling Machine

    By : M Nagarajan
    The machine is used to peel garlic cloves uniformly. The machine helps to achieve greater productivity, is energy efficient and labour saving and reduces the drudgery in the slow laborious manual process of peeling garlic.... more

  • Lemon Cutting Machine

    Lemon Cutting Machine

    By : M. Nagarajan
    This machine is used to slice the lemon uniformly, can be neatly and conveniently collected and recovered. This device is labour saving - only one person is required to operate it. There is a minimal wastage of the lemons in the cutting operation i.e. 10... more

  • Paddy Husk Stove

    Paddy Husk Stove

    By : Ashok Thakur
    It is a portable stove of specific design for using paddy husk as an effective fuel. Paddy husk (around one kg) is spread completely between the outer frustum and cylinder. A fire is ignited with the help of some kerosene oil to the fuel through inner fru... more

  • Pepper Thresher

    Pepper Thresher

    By : P. K. Ravi
    This thresher is used to thresh the pepper mechanically as well as manually. With some modification in blade it can be used for threshing white pepper and paddy. The loss of pepper berries in this thresher is low compared to conventional methods of thresh... more

  • Oil Expeller

    Oil Expeller

    By : Kalpesh Gajjar
    Innovators Oil expeller can crush all kinds of seeds using planetary gear system coupled with screw press. On an average, it saves power by 40 per cent when compared to the conventional oil expellers of the same capacity. It has higher production efficien... more

  • Areca-nut Cutter

    Areca-nut Cutter

    By : Wazeer H
    This is an automatic machine which cuts areca-nut into smaller pieces. There is an inclined grader cum feeder, which sorts and feeds the areca-nuts into the cutting machine. The feeder has a vibrating system, which agitates the areca-nuts, separating them... more

  • Turmeric/Ginger Planter

    Turmeric/Ginger Planter

    By : Indrajit Balvirsingh Khas
    Conventionally, labors have to dig the soil to sow ginger/turmeric. This is tedious; time consuming and back breaking task due to regular bending posture at the time of sowing. Mr. Inderjit hence decided to work on this problem and thus came up with a gin... more

  • Nutmeg Desheller

    Nutmeg Desheller

    By : Sachidanandan V R
    Nutmeg Desheller is a machine which is used for decortications of nutmeg. Functional wise performance of the machine is very effective, and it decorticates over 95% of properly dried nutmeg in one pass. Nutmegs which not decorticated in the first feed are... more

General purpose machinery & equipment

  • Tree Pruner

    Tree Pruner

    By : Gurmail Singh Dhonshi
    Trees and horticulture plants are generally pruned for better growth by cutting the stem, branches, leaves, etc. The task is generally done manually by using knives etc, which is very risky, tiresome and time consuming process. The imported machines are v... more

  • Petrol Performance Enhancer

    Petrol Performance Enhancer

    By : Hari Narayan Prajapat
    Looking at the rising fuel prices, people are in search of various means that help in reducing fuel cost. Many companies have introduced various alternatives based on magnetic and fuel saver technology to increase the mileage but none has found to be effe... more

  • Low cost wind mill for power generation

    Low cost wind mill for power generation

    By : C.M. Subramanian
    Major problem faced in rural areas are interrupted power supply, unavailable infrastructure for supplying electricity to every household and others. All this problem has a cost and the average individual cannot afford to lay infrastructure to receive elec... more

  • Cotton Wick Making Machine

    Cotton Wick Making Machine

    By : Dipakbhai Vyas, Vijaybhai Solanki
    Innovators have developed a machine to automate the process of making round cotton wicks, which has achieved production of 20 - 25 wicks/min and fetches highest quality of round cotton wick compared to manual process by which one can make only 8 - 10 wick... more

  • Golden Embossing Machine

    Golden Embossing Machine

    By : Ravindra Ganpat Chopade
    Golden embossing machines are set of machines used for embossing printing on paper, rexine, leather etc.. Innovation is in arrangement done in printing heads of different types of printers to facilitate embossed printing. Golden color fonts and pictures a... more


  • Reversible Reduction Gearbox for Marine Diesel Engine

    Reversible Reduction Gearbox for Marine Diesel Engine

    By : B. Mohanlal
    Majority of the fishermen use conventional boats operated through petrol starts kerosene run diesel engine. These boats had inbuilt gear box and diesel engines with long tail propeller system without gear box. It consumed high amount of fuel and polluted... more

  • Retrofitting in Cars for Physically Challenged

    Retrofitting in Cars for Physically Challenged

    By : Mujeeb khan
    Innovators designed custom made retrofitting in cars for disabled people which involve modifications in the brake, accelerator, clutch arrangement for operation by hand. Comfort, simplicity and ease of operations are other features embedded in the control... more


  • Mini Sanitary Napkin Making Machine

    Mini Sanitary Napkin Making Machine

    By : A. Muruganantham
    Sanitary napkins, a universally needed product has very low penetration in India and other developing and under developed countries, due to its high price and the traditional trend of using cheaper but unhygienic old cloth piece. ... more

  • Vatsal Tong

    Vatsal Tong

    By : Vinodbhai Gajjar
    It is an innovative design of tong which consists a pair of two spring steel rod bended/shaped in such a way that device can hold the edged utensils. Tongs are fixed at the two opposite edge of vessel. Rubber grip is provided to ensure better handling and... more

  • Suraksha tong

    Suraksha tong

    By : Arvindbhai Patel
    Shri Arvindbhai Patel took the challenge for designing an innovative tong. He keenly watched the functioning of the common household tongs and discussed the problems with the potential users. From the feedbacks, which he obtained about the conventional to... more

  • Low cost sanitary napkin making machine

    Low cost sanitary napkin making machine

    By : Shaikh Mohammad Afzal
    The innovator has developed a semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine.It can be useful for manufacturing, baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins. This technology is used to prepare sanitary napkins with industry standard raw materials while cutti... more

Construction & building equipment

  • Improved Iron Cutter

    Improved Iron Cutter

    By : Abdul Rahman Sheikh
    Rahmans innovation is a useful cutter, which can incisively cut iron multi-directionally. Iron materials such as pipe, rods, sheet etc can be cut with iron cutter. Multi action machining is possible because tool and the axis can be moved on various direc... more

Dairy machinery

  • Milk Master the Milking Machine

    Milk Master the Milking Machine

    By : Raghava Gowda
    It is a system used to milk cows and buffaloes. This milking machine is manually operated low cost device that can help farmers to milk the animal hygienically,reduce drudgery and eliminate the problem of labor availability.... more

Electronic gadgets

  • High Voltage Protection Device (HVP)

    High Voltage Protection Device (HVP)

    By : Md. Aminuddin Ahmed
    Device is used to protect the appliance from sudden change in voltage and prevent the damage. A High voltage protector cut the output electric supply whenever it gets hazardous input voltage. ... more

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