Information Technology Management

The entire effort of scouting and documentation leads to the development of a database of innovations and traditional knowledge aimed at building the electronic National Register. The process involves using various information technology and database applications for horizontal networking among innovators and traditional knowledge experts as well as other stakeholders. The activities involved are to:

  1. Develop and maintain the National Register of contemporary innovations and traditional knowledge
  2. Develop and install multi-lingual, multimedia kiosks at various public places, educational institutions and local bodies, and help establish decentralised Indian language databases of innovations and Traditional Knowledge.
  3. Maintain servers and websites of NIF and partners wherever required.
  4. Design and develop software for use by NIF and allied institutions
  5. Manage the archive of all online communications
  6. Maintain effective touch with latest trends in technologies, which can be harnessed in support of grassroots innovators

The IT department works in close coordination with various other sections providing backend support and troubleshooting. IT works closely with the Scouting and Documentation (S&D) and Dissemination and Social Diffusion (DSD) departments in developing tools for dissemination of useful technologies and to create wider awareness about innovations at the grassroots.