Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe


The National Innovation Foundation (NIF) - India has been a pivotal force in transforming the landscape of grassroots innovation in the country. Established in March 2000, NIF has played a significant role in identifying, recognizing, nurturing, supporting and championing the creativity of ordinary citizens from the grassroots, traditional knowledge holders, and student innovators.

The National Innovation Foundation (NIF) scouts grassroots innovations and traditional knowledge from various parts of India and records these valuable innovations. The databaseof Grassroots innovations created by NIF with over 350,000 innovations from across the country highlights the immense talent of our citizens. With the crucial support of institutions like NIF, these innovations become part of the value chain and contribute to economic development and India's positioning in the annual Global Innovation Index (GII).The talented team at NIF identifies opportunities for improvement in these innovations and, through R&D interventions, prepares them for market readiness. NIF also assists in protecting the intellectual property rights of innovators and farmers and helps them to transform their innovations into start-ups or businesses.

NIF's efforts have brought grassroots innovations to the forefront, highlighting their importance to both the local and global economy. NIF has promoted inclusive, accessible innovation to all fostering a culture of creative problem-solving. Through initiatives that emphasize value addition and demand generation, NIF has helped common people realize the tangible benefits of innovation in their daily lives.

Engagements with highest constitutional head of India, the President of Indiaand RashtrapatiBhawanto Financial Institutions like SIDBI or the film Industry or the Correctional Homes or the SHGs or INSPIRE MANAKand the S&T Institutions in India and other nations, NIF has made its presence felt in multifarious ways everywhere. Thus NIF has become India's face in the field of social innovations.

NIF is continuing its journey, with deepcommitment on the strong foundation ofdedicated work and achievements over the past two decades driving social and economic change. Going forward, it is crucial to build on NIF's successes and work collectively to realize its vision of making India a topmost innovative nation. Let us unite to celebrate and support the spirit of innovation and creativity that defines our nation, ensuring that every individual could contributeto and benefit from a culture of innovation that is inclusive, sustainable, and transformative.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai