Festival of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (FINE)
Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi
March 19-21, 2018

Exhibition will continue until 23rd March, 2018

The Festival of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (FINE) {previously known as Festival of Innovation FOIN)} is a unique initiative of the Office of the President of India to recognise, respect and reward grassroots innovations and foster a supportive ecosystem. Hosted in the month of March at The President's House, the FOIN has become a national celebration of creativity and innovation at and for grassroots.


This year it has been decided to organize Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FINE) from March 19-21, 2018 at Rashtrapati Bhavan by the President's Secretariat in association with National Innovation Foundation-India and Department of Science & Technology. An exhibition associated with FINE will remain open from March 19, 2018 - March 23, 2018. FINE is a celebration of country's Innovation potential, particularly those ideas which stem from grassroots level including the citizen at the last mile and also a reflection of power of children's creativity.


FINE would provide platform to the innovators for building the linkages with potential stakeholders whose support can improve their prospects in coming years for the larger social good. It will also help in promoting lateral learning and linkages among the innovators to enrich the ecosystem for new India. It would also be a great opportunity to create awareness about the importance of various Ministries of Government of India attaches to their effort and participation in the FINE.


It is imperative that India becomes a growth engine for the world and provides a new model of inclusive development by providing a large number of open technological and other solutions for the developing and developed world. In sync with the policies of the government of India, FINE will provide a window to the creative and innovative solutions for social development through grassroots innovations, student ideas and other technologies for agriculture, rural development, sanitation, health, women and child development, biotechnology and medical innovation for grassroots.