Dr. Arvind C Ranade

Director, NIF

Welcome to the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) - India!

Here, we strive to cultivate creativity, foster collaboration, and drive impactful change through innovation. Explore our initiatives, connect with our network, and join us in shaping the future.

NIF's journey of around two and half decades has been devoted to supporting and encouraging traditional knowledge and grassroots innovations across the length and breadth of the country and beyond. Since its inception in 2000, NIF has been working with an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation at the grassroots level and improving the lives of countless individuals across the nation and beyond boundaries by acknowledging general public participation, creativity, and the urge to bring positive change in the surroundings.

The NIF team has scouted and documented over 300,000 innovations through the ShodhYatras, campaigns, Biennial Competitions, etc. Innovations from various states and union territories cover every nook and corner of the country. The Range of problems that seem ordinary are extraordinary and have been solved with out-of-the-box thinking and limited resources by the innovators. Innovations and practices emerging from normal people at the grassroots level, students, and traditional knowledge holders are continuously making a profound impact on society and raising the country's profile in leaps and bounds.

NIF supports these innovations by enhancing their value through research and development, design improvement, prototyping, testing, helping in patent applications, and plant variety registrations for PPV & FRA. The organization also facilitates the dissemination and diffusion of these innovations and helps in technology transfer and business incubation. It is a matter of pride that numerous grassroots technologies supported by NIF are now commercially available, significantly improving the lives of many people.

The NIF team dedicatedly works day and night to amplify number of the success stories and broaden their influence even more. With the changing climate and growing socio-economic challenges, grassroots innovations born out of necessity will certainly play a key role in achieving an Atmanirbhar and Vikasit Bharat. NIF is working closely with educational institutions, rural entrepreneurs, self-help groups, Panchayati Raj bodies, and more to instill a culture of innovation and ensure the welfare of society.

Going forward, NIF is undertaking new initiatives to strengthen its outreach to even more geographies and communities. With everyone's ongoing support, NIF aims to build one of the largest innovation networks globally in service of humanity so that innovations and collaborations are encouraged. NIF looks forward to working closely with more passionate change-makers to realize our mission of helping India become inventive and creative and to become a global leader in sustainable technologies without social and economic handicaps affecting the evolution and diffusion of green grassroots innovations.

Together, let's transform ideas into reality and make a meaningful difference in the world. Thank you for being part of our journey.