Grassroots Technological Innovation Acquisition Fund

The fund was envisioned to allow NIF to acquire the rights of technologies from the innovators generating public goods, which NIF can then make open source. Some of them can be pooled and blended to form new products, which can then be licensed to small entrepreneurs so that large number of such entrepreneurs can take up the products and take them to localized market. This will promote decentralized production since cost of supply chain market will be huge. Further, in some ideas/innovations, conventional supply chain will be of use and in such cases NIF may involve business groups. Ultimately, technology acquisition fund will prevent people from wait for years for getting their first return out of their unique knowledge.

NIF organised the First Grassroots Technological Innovation Acquisition Fund meeting at NASC Complex, New Delhi on 21st February 2012 in collaboration with the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority (PPV&FRA). In this meeting, 23 farmers from eight states, who had developed over 34 improved varieties of different crops participated. NIF organised the 2nd GTIAF meeting inviting different innovators on 26th March 2012 at IIM, Ahmedabad where the rights of 30 technologies from 24 innovators were acquired. Subsequently rights of many other innovations have been/ will be acquired to expand the pool of technologies available under the GTIAF.

NIF is now trying to disseminate/diffuse them at low cost or no cost for the larger benefit of the society. In many cases, further research work is also being planned to be undertaken. The innovators, farmers, traditional knowledge holders whose technologies are acquired under GTIAF continue to have the right to use/manufacture or market their technologies but on a non-exclusive basis. Also, in future if the technology gets commercialized, a fair share of benefit will go back to the original knowledge provider.

List of engineering technologies acquired under GTIAF
S.No. Innovator Technology
1 R Jayaseelan, Tamil Nadu Coconut husker
2 N. Sakthimainthan, Tamil Nadu Manually Operated Water Lifting Pump,Hand Operated Pump
3 Mathew V Mathew, Kerala Kerosene stove with gravity feed fuel tank and cylindrical wick
4 P J Abraham, Kerala Cardamom drying chamber
5 K. S. Sudheer, Kerala Side-stand Gear Lock System
6 Vikram Rathore, Andhra Pradesh Cycle pump
7 U Krishna, Andhra Pradesh Centrifugal Sprayer
8 Kanak Das, Assam Transmission of energy from shock absorber for smooth riding of bicycle on uneven road
9 Karunakant Nath, Assam Improved wood cutting machine
10 Mohammad Idris , Uttar Pradesh Automatic horse shaver
11 Prem Singh Saini, Haryana Telephone Operated Remote Switch
12 Madan Lal Kumawat , Rajasthan Improved hand pump
13 Radhey Shyam Sharma, Madhya pradesh Bullock operated sprayer
14 Gopal Malhari Bhise, Bicycle hoe
15 Subhash Jagtap, Maharashtra Sprayer
16 Mansukhbhai Jagani Bullet driven santi and sprayer
17 Arvind Patel, Gujarat Auto air kick pump for two wheelers & tongs
18 Khimjibhai Kanadia, Gujarat Nursery bag filler, sprayer, gum scrapper, etc
19 Mulubhai Senjaliya, Gujarat Sprayer
20 Gopal Bhai Suratiya, Gujarat Sprayer
21 Bhanjibhai Mathukiya, Gujarat Sprayer
22 Ganeshbhai Dodiya, Gujarat Sprayer
23 Pareshbhai Katurbhai Panchal, Gujarat Automatic String / Thread Winder
24 Vinod Gajjar, Gujarat Vatsal Tong
25 Narsimha Bhandari, Karnataka Arecanut Peeler
26 Nazeer Ahmad, Andhra Pradesh Pounded chilly sorter
27 Ranjeet Ghorai, West Bengal Parboiled paddy spreader
28 Yengkhom Maipakpi Devi W/o Late Mangi Singh, Manipur Kouna mat weaving machine
29 Guruaribam Bashuchandra Sharma, Manipur Direct silk reeling machine
30 R Ravi, Tamil Nadu Oil seed and parboiled rice spreader
31 Amandeep Singh, Rajasthan Solar laminator
32 Ashok Thakur, Bihar Portable stove fueled by paddy husk
33 Ramashankar Sharma, Bihar Modified hand-pump
34 Md. Rozadeen, Bihar Coffee Cooker
35 Maibam Deben Singh, Manipur Low cost fish dryer and stove
36 Md. Shaikh Jabbar, Maharashtra Variable gear system for cycle rickshaw
List of farmers' variety/ varieties acquired under GTIAF
S.No. Innovator Variety/Varieties Crop
1 Dadaji Ramaji Khobragade, Chandrapur, Maharashtra Improved varieties of Paddy - DRK & HMT Paddy
2 Sabu Varghese, Idukki, Kerala Improved cardamom variety- "Wonder Cardamom" Cardamom
3 Mahaveer Singh Arya, Churu, Rajasthan Improved Wheat variety- Mahavir Kisan Vardan and MK Kranti Wheat
Improved Mustard variety- "Mahavir Kisan Harsh and Mahavir Kisan
4 Jagdish Pareekh, Sikar, Rajasthan "Ajitgarh Selection" New Cauliflower Variety Cauliflower
5 Thakarshibahi Savaliya, Junagadh, Gujarat Improved and high yielding groundnut variety- "Moralo" Groundnut
6 Devaramji Gadhwal, Sikar, Rajasthan Improved variety of Bajra "DR 1" Pearl Millet
7 Dhirajlal Thummar, Amreli, Gujarat Wilt resistant Groundnut variety -'Dhiraj 101 or DVT 1' Groundnut
8 Rajkumar Rathore, Sehore, Madhya Pradesh High yielding, perennial variety of pigeon pea "Richa 2000" Pigeon pea
9 Prakash Singh Raghuvanshi, Varanshi, Uttar Pradesh mproved and high yielding varieties of paddy "Kudrat 1, Kudrat 2 and Lal Basmati" Paddy
Improved and high yielding wheat varieties Kudrat 9, Kudrat 7, Kudrat 11 and Kudrat 17 Wheat
Improved pigeon pea varieties "Kudrat 3, Chamatkar" Pigeon pea
Improved varieties of Mustard "Kudrat Vandana, Geeta and Soni" Mustard
10 Manaram Chaudhary, Rajasthan Improved onion variety- 'Rashidpura selection' Onion
11 Late Joy A S, Thrissur (Trichur), Kerala Improved variety of white-gourd having resistance against viral disease White gourd
12 Joy Peter, Idukki, Kerala Improved cardamom variety - Panikulangara Cardamom
13 K T Varghese, Idukki, Kerala High yielding wilt resistant variety of pepper Pepper
14 K J Baby, Idukki, Kerala Improved white flowered cardamom Cardamom
15 P N Surulivel, Kerala 'PNS-Vaigai' - a drought resistant cardamom variety Cardamom
16 Late Indrasan Singh (Bhram Prakash Singh) "Indrasan"- An improved paddy variety Paddy
17 Late Sriram G Lanjewar Improved variety of paddy- Jaishriram Paddy
18 C. Rajendran Iimproved paddy variety Paddy
19 Laljibhai Murani Adarsh-New sesamum variety Sesamum
20 Dhulabhai Punjabhai Patel GDP 1- An improved pigeon pea variety Pigeon pea
21 Solanki Bhikhaji Kaluji Improved pigeon pea variety Pigeon pea
22 Gangaram Kir (Community representative) Traditional variety of Tinda (Round guard) Round guard
23 Anthony Samy Improved acid lime variety Acid lime