Shoes with seed drill for farmers
Subhra Suchismita Patel
Bhubaneswar, Orissa

IGNITE 2016 - 2016

Shubhra’s idea was inspired by her maternal uncle, a farmer. He suffers from acute backache after long working hours. Her idea is to have shoes with drills fitted into them so that farmers can simply walk and dig holes in the field simultaneously. The shoes may also contain seed compartments so that they can be easily sown and spread in the holes of the field. The rear part of the shoes may have brushes to cover up the holes in which seeds have been sown.

Shubhra plan to prepare a model, based on her idea, and turn it into a product which could be beneficial for farmers. Her interest lies in archaeology, history and learning new facts. Her hobbies include reading novels, poetry, painting, and jewellery design.