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Recognizing the true value of intellectual property rights in the spawning of grassroots innovations and traditional knowledge practices, NIF has set up an IP management division for empowering the knowledge rich, economically poor grassroots innovators and traditional knowledge holders. In furtherance to this mission, the IP Management division is actively engaged in the following activities:
  • Helping the innovators in prior art searches
  • Drafting and filing of patent applications
  • Coordinating with various intellectual property institutions and attorneys for mobilizing pro bono or paid support for grassroots innovators in filing patents, trademarks and other means of IP protection on their behalf.
  • Providing legal assistance to the innovators in negotiating and drafting licensing arrangements.
  • Providing legal assistance to the innovators to deal with issues of infringement of their IP rights
  • Screening of patents and patent applications based on Indian traditional knowledge and grassroots innovations, so as to oppose the improper applications/ granted patents, particularly those dealing with practices entered in the National Register
  • Coordinating with national and international organizations/offices to secure IP protection for grassroots innovators globally.
  • Dissemination of information about the need for protection of intellectual property rights

NIF has achieved considerable progress in these objectives. Till date 655 patent applications have been filed in India by NIF and its associate organizations and out of these, 36 patents have been granted in India. 8 patent applications were filed in US, of which 4 have already been granted. In the same time period, 10 trade mark applications were also filed in India and 1 Trade mark application was filed in USA. 14 design applications were also filed. In addition to these, NIF also applied for registration of 21 farmer's variety under PVPFRA.

All these achievements would not have been possible without support from various quarters. Premier intellectual property lawfirms like Anand & Anand, Surana & Surana, Global Business Solutions and Y J Trivedi are providing pro-bono help to NIF in filing patents on behalf of the grassroots innovators. There are also many other firms like DP Ahuja & Co, Subramaniam, Nataraj Associates, L.S. Davar & Co, NewDelhi, etc. who provides professional services on nominal professional charges. NIF has been able to file several patent Applications in United States of America with the help of SRISTI through the law firm K&L Gates, Boston (formerly THT Boston). We hope that more and more firms will take interest in working on a pro bono basis with NIF for helping grassroots innovators across the world.

NIF's initiative regarding Prior Informed Consent(PIC)
We strongly believe that the knowledge of the local communities and individuals should be accessed and used only with the prior informed consent of the knowledge holders. NIF has taken a bold step in this regard and initiated efforts in developing a form for receiving Prior Informed Consent (PIC) from the knowledge holders. Through several rounds and months of discussions with the collaborators and knowledge providers, we have developed a PIC Form. During this process of consultation, we learned that for the people whose knowledge rights have never been acknowledged, the concept of PIC was not only new, but also intriguing. Along with the PIC form we developed an explanatory note which highlights the positive and negative sides of saying, ‘yes' or ‘no' to various choices given in the form. For instance, where an innovator suggests that his knowledge may be shared widely through the Honey Bee newsletter and/or on website or through other public channels, we have to explain the advantages of doing so and also the disadvantages from the IPR protection perspective.

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PIC Traditional Knowledge  
PIC Explanatory Note For Traditional Knowledge
PIC Technological Innovations and Ideas  
PIC Explanatory Note For Technological Innovations and Ideas 
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